Lake Como Travel Destinations

See the beautiful lake on the Continent of Europe, less good if not to discuss the charm of Lake Como. Italy’s third largest lake in northern Italy is ranked first in the world’s most beautiful lake version of Huffington Post. Then, what are the beauty-the beauty and uniqueness-the uniqueness of the lake that in ancient times became a resting place among this nobility and aristocrat. Here are the hidden reasons that you should visit behind your holiday travel destinations later. And do not forget to visit so you have more information about the perfect Como lake vacation for your family and your spouse.

The Shape of the Lake Beauty Symbolizes

Generally, shaped lakes tend to be round or oval. , the shape of a lake in Italian called Lago Di Como is not like the shape of the lake in general. The shape of the lake that began to stop in 800 AD after this resembles the letter Y upside down so it is like a man who was running. Because the lake is quite large, which is 146 square kilometers, the position of this lake stretches across several cities. Each ‘leg’ is located in the towns of Lecco and Como. ‘Nose’ is located in Domasso Town. The position of ‘waist’ is in the City of Belaggio.

Surrounded by Classic Landscape

A classic landscape landscape. This is what distinguishes this lake with the lake in general. As already mentioned, the position of this lake stretches several cities. Buildings contained in these cities, mostly old age and classical architecture. Not only that, among the classical buildings there are several castles. Therefore, when in the middle of the lake, visitors will feel the atmosphere of the atmosphere of the atmosphere typical of the nineteenth century.

In addition to the old buildings of classical style and castle, some mountains adorn this lake. To the east of the lake are the mountains of Rosegna and Legnonoe. Each of this mountain height is 1885 meters and 2650 meters. While in the west of the lake, there is a mountain Bregnano 2092 meters high, between the ‘foot’ of the lake, there is also a mountain named San Primo, the blend of the mountains with the beautiful countryside and the towns around the lake creates such stunning scenery.

Because of the charm of this lake, it does not surprise that many poets, both from Italy and elsewhere, are looking for inspiration on this lake in ancient times. One of them is Percy Bishyee Shelley, English poet. Enchanted by the beauty of Lake Como, he wrote a letter about the beauty of this lake to Thomas Love Peacock, a novelist who also came from England.

Became Location Filming Some Hollywood Movies

Due to its breathtaking landscape, this lake is per the shooting location of several Hollywood movies. Among them are Ocean Twelve, Star Wars, and Casino Royale. In fact, not a few world celebrities who buy houses or other properties in the area around the lake. Among them, Sylvester Stallone, Madonna, and George Clooney. Because the beauty of this lake, it’s not wrong to call Lake Como as the most beautiful lake in Italy.

In addition, this lake is perfect as a place for sailing, wind surfing, water skiing or scuba diving. For nature lovers and mountains here can also enjoy various activities such as forest tracking, rock climbing and hang gliding. Lake Como is surround by charming little towns like, Bellagio, Menaggio and Varenna which is located at the junction of three branches of the lake. To reach from one city to another there is a triangle boat facility that is ready to take you around enjoying the beauty of this lake.