Delhi – A Culinary Delight

Are you fed up of seeing travellers and tourists spoil your state of Goa? Or perhaps you have a business meeting in the capital for a few days. Travelling by train could be extremely time-consuming. It is best you go through the list of Cheap Goa to Delhi flights, choose the most reasonable rates, and then book your tickets.

Once you land in Delhi and finish your meeting, you must certainly try some of the best foods on Delhi. If you ask any Delhiite about Delhi, he is bound to tell you about Delhi’s historic culture and importance, and of course – Delhi’s mouth-watering dishes. Some of the best foods in Delhi are as follows:

  • Parathas – Do not miss out on a visit to the ParantheWaliGali in the bustling ChandiniChowk. A Paratha is a perfect meal to start your day off with, or for a hot snack late in the night. The ghee and oil used is top notch, and you are bound to love the parathas made in Delhi. Another place you could visit to have these heavenly pieces of bread is the MoolchandParatheWala that is located in the southern region of Delhi. The popular Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan loves eating at this place even now.
  • Chaat – The one thing that is brilliantly made in Delhi is the Chaat here. Street food is extremely popular in a lot of regions of Delhi. Chaat is always an all-time favourite in the capital. The Street Food Capital of Delhi is ChandiniChowk. It is a cool hang out place for the youth, and is always buzzing with a massive crowd and activity. Try the Chaat at DaulatkiChaat in ChandiniChowk for perhaps the best taste.
  • Butter Chicken – Chicken is brilliant. Butter tastes great. Butter with chicken is a heavenly combination loved by millions. It is a creamy dish; it is fitting to the royalty. This can be found in almost every non vegetarian restaurant. You can eat this dish with either tandoori breads or rice. Try out this mouth-watering dish at MotiMahal, or Havemore.
  • CholeBature – A meal that is popularly eaten in an empty stomach, occupying a massive 1000 kcal diet, this blown up dish tastes marvellous. You can enjoy this dish in Chache Di Hatti in Kamla Nagar, New Delhi. You can have this meal with a lassi.
  • Nihari – Try out the meat rich meal in Delhi’s Bara Hindu Rao area, or at Karim’s near Jama Masjid. A signature delicacy of this region, it is best served with piping hot tandoori rotis .
  • Rolls- Delhi has its own variant of the super delicious Kathi roll. Right from street variants to the ones offered by posh restaurants, these rolls are a befitting option for ever busy Delhities on the go. The best rolls are available at Nizam’s , Connaught Place, Khan Market and Qureshi’sKabab Corner.
  • Deserts- Delhites love their sweets. It is no surprise that with an extensive variety of desserts and sweets available, it is hard to pick one. From mouth-watering Jalebis and Faloodas to lip smacking kulfis and ladoos, you can find it all at Giani di Hatti in ChandiniChowk.

So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags, and look up the Goa to Delhi flights schedule to try out some marvellous delicacies.