Travel to the United Kingdom, Some of the Most Popular Cities for International Tourists (2)


Claiming to be a culinary lover? Maybe Birmingham will be a suitable destination for you. As of 2017 this one of the fastest growing cities in the UK is recorded to have 5 Michelin-starred restaurants in the city center, and there are still a few others located less than an hour’s drive from the city.

But Birmingham doesn’t just spoil culinary lovers. The city is also known for having a beautiful landscape, with a network of canals that are lively and attractive, as well as beautiful open spaces that you can find in various places, such as Cannon Hill Park, Winterbourne House, Aston Hall, and Castle Bromwich Hall Garden.

Birmingham also offers a number of shopping tourist spots, some of which are the largest in Europe, the best music and theater venues, museums and historic areas that are waiting to be explored, and various new bars and nightclubs that regularly emerge.

Another addition, residents of Birmingham (popularly known as Brummies) are known as one of the most welcoming residents in the UK, who are ready to welcome tourists with open arms. Still need a reason to visit Birmingham?


Ever heard of the name Manchester United? Even though you are not a fan of soccer, the name of the club must be very familiar to you, considering that Manchester United is predicted as one of the most popular clubs in the world. As the name implies, Manchester United is a club from the city of Manchester, a city in the UK. No wonder that in Manchester there are many places associated with the club, including the Old Trafford Stadium.

However, even if you are not Manchester United fans or football fans, Manchester is still interesting to visit. This city has been recognized as one of the most vibrant cities in the UK, and has many hip and trendy environments. Manchester also has a lot of fun shopping spots, a variety of eating places to pamper culinary lovers, cool museums, music show venues that hits, and a dynamic nightlife.

Manchester is also known as the city with the best Christmas markets in the UK. In addition, Manchester is also known as the best spot used as a base camp to explore nature, because the city is quite close to mountains, forests, beaches, and various other interesting natural spots. And, most important, Manchester residents are known for their hospitality. Tourists need not hesitate and be afraid to ask for directions, ask for recommendations, or just chat with the locals. As long as you don’t ask if they support Manchester United or Manchester City, everything will be fine.