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Carnival 2023: Top Cities Worldwide To Experience The Celebration

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Each winter, cities around the world come alive with unique and festive Carnival celebrations. Carnival is the celebration that occurs before Lent, the 40-day period prior to Easter, when it is customary for many Christians to fast. Carnival is celebrated in over 50 countries, each with its own unique traditions and events. Celebrations are typically marked with parades, colorful costumes, live music, and festive dancing and can last more than a month.  

Woman celebrating carnival in costume

While this annual celebration is popular all over the world, some cities have truly epic celebrations. Here are our picks for the best Carnival celebrations across the globe:

Woman celebrating carnival in costume with feathered headdress

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, Trinidad

May visitors to Trinidad and Tobago have said that if Trinidad is not celebrating Carnival, then they are preparing for Carnival. The annual festival is a huge part of the culture in this southern Caribbean Island, and

Another Italian Town Is Offering Money To Move There, But What’s The Catch?

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We’ve all read the headlines – “Beautiful town in Italy is paying people to move there” and “Houses in this Italian village are selling for $1.” But what is behind these seemingly too-good-to-be-true offers?  Are they real, and if so, why do these amazing deals pop up so frequently? What’s the catch?

An old building with a large square in front is dotted with palm trees

Presicce, Puglia

Earlier this week, officials from the town of Presicce, located in Puglia, announced they will pay outsiders up to $30,000 to move there. Should you start packing your bags?

A view of the cinema in Presicce Italy

About The Area:

This beautiful town is located at the southern tip of the heel of Italy’s boot, and along with the neighboring town of Acquarica, it is home to around 9,000 residents. Historically known for its highly productive and renowned olive oil industry, Presicce has been referred to as the “city of green gold.”

Hidden under the town

Cancun Authorities Warn Tourists Of New Fake Uber Scam That Could Put Them In Danger

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It seems Cancun’s never-ending war on scammers is intensifying once more after reports of fake Uber drivers targeting tourists in central areas started circulating. Now, authorities are urging them to be cautious when booking rides through the popular app, as they could be extorted, or even put their lives in serious danger.

Young Female Traveler Looking Surprised Or Shocked Looking At Her Phone Waiting For Taxi To Arrive

This year, Cancun has taken additional steps to ensure visitors feel safe and enjoy a stress-free vacation in the city, deploying more police units to beach hotspots and increasing surveillance in the Hotel Zone, all the while under the scrutiny of the mass media and the U.S. Government. Naturally, when actual security concerns do arise, tourism officials react swiftly.

For now, you may want to reconsider using rideshare applications in Cancun, where taxi scams are becoming increasingly common:

Scammers In Cancun Are Hacking Into The Uber