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10 Destinations You Should Visit In 2023, According To Travel Experts

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The Travel Experts at Fodor’s have released their “Go List” for 2023, highlighting destinations across the globe that are sure to offer impactful travel experiences. Travel pushes us beyond our comfort zones to try new things and meet new people. In its purest form, travel can reshape our thoughts about the world for the better.

For that reason, we’ve highlighted 10 destinations from this year’s “Go List” that will undoubtedly leave travelers feeling they’ve expanded their horizons and brought more than just souvenirs home with them.

Woman looking at a temple in thailand, destinations

Fodor’s also recently released a “No List,” highlighting destinations they believe travelers should pass on for the coming year, covered here. The “No List” isn’t meant to reflect poorly on the destinations but rather give the areas a chance to lessen the impacts of overtourism.

However, the following 10 destinations are on the “Go List” and

These Airports Have Co-working Spaces For Digital Nomads And Remote Workers

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Now that remote work is more common than ever, more travelers like to use waiting times at the airport to work and be productive. The bad news is that not all airports have the infrastructure or suitable spaces to work comfortably.

The loud noises, the crowds, the lack of tables, and the horrible —or unavailable— internet connection sometimes make it impossible to work. However, this could change soon since there’s a new trend that might start to get popular in international airport renovations. 

man working with his laptop at airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has recently announced a new coworking and meeting space at one of its terminals. This is particularly useful since the Netherlands is one of remote workers’ favorite destinations. 

We’ve seen a very busy summer, and next year is expected to be super busy as well, so being able to catch up with work during waits for